Borderlands Horse Sanctuary

Yesterday was Splurge Day!

There’s many items you can splurge on but maybe one of those could be somethings for the Sanctuary! Our weekly wishlist Wednesday are handy to keep track of some of the more unique requests but we will mix Splurge Day with Wishlist Wednesday.

Here’s a few ideas to splurge on this Wishlist Wednesday and Splurge Day:

Fly masks
Fly sheets
Fly spray
Weed killer
Grass seed
Fencing materials (wood and t-posts, insulators, t-post insulators, etc.)
Senior grain, strategy, sweet feed (we’d love t try triple crown or buckeye)
Hay (small grass, rounds of grass, small alfalfa)
Medium weight turnout blankets
16 ft gate
Grain dishes/over the fence feeders 
100 gallon tank
Hose reel
Salt blocks
Mineral blocks
Hay nets

There’s more but that’s a big chunk of items to splurge on today!