Adult Bible Class – Sunday Mornings 8 :30 in the Barn
New Sunday Church Service – Sunday afternoon 2:00 pm in the Barn
Woman’s Bible Study – Thursdays 6:30 pm
Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit class 
Dave and Victoria Obenauer instructors –
Jan 21- Feb 25th 6-8 pm Sunday Evenings @ Cowboy Way Church
 Puttin’ on the Feed Bag – Feb. 28 Spaghetti is the main dish, So if you want to bring a dish to pass you can pair it with that.
Tri-State Horse Expo – March 16-18
         Stick Horse Contest – March 17
         Cowboy Church Service – March 18th at 8 am
Grant Gomez – Grant and Ric will be here on April 4-7th
Retreat @ the Lords House – Minnesota April 13-15 Grant Gomez the Speaker
Rodeo Bible Camp – June 4-7 Sf Fair Grounds